Talks and presentations

Bath Ruby 2015: Lightning Talk

April 10, 2015

Talk, Bath Ruby, Bath, UK

Lightning “talk” in which I managed to do no talking! A 5 minute live coded piece starting from scratch, with sampled voices from the other Bath Ruby presenters.

Live Coding in the Classroom

October 13, 2014

Talk, London Ruby Users Group October 2014, London, UK

Co-presented talk on Sonic Pi with the lead developer Sam Aaron. I think the original video has been taken down now but my bit is here:

Coding Music: As easy as Pi

September 29, 2014

Talk, Web Expo Guildford, Guildford, UK

Had a speaker slot at the WXG web conference in Guildford. Presented an introduction to programming music with Sonic Pi in which I demo a few of my experiments. The video/audio didn’t come out too well but the talk was well received I think.